It’s warming up again and thus my excitement for the outdoors has returned. Every year I have some new interest and the research phase begins. This time it’s whitewater kayaks. Now it’s great being tall, but us height-inclined folks have an extra burden. Does it come in my size? What compromises will I have to make to get something that fits? Will I have to shell out extra money for something custom? There are plenty of professional media sites publishing “The best X for tall people” and plenty of people on Reddit with tall friends. First-hand accounts are rare. Accounts from the “very tall” crowd are even rarer.

No matter the trail or time of day, there will always be at least one cobweb no one else has been tall enough to break. Your face will have the honor. Being tall outside is a struggle and we’re going to talk about it! Tall Outside will contain my perspectives as a lanky 6’7” outdoor enthusiast. From cycling to backpacking to kayaking to rafting, I’ll discuss the gear that makes it possible and any tips to make it comfortable. I’ll also post trip reports and my experiences with gear for people of any stature.